A quantum computer can solve incredibly complex and voluminous problems in just a few seconds, such as deciphering data, where billions of cipher options are possible. Hack protection, secrets, bitcoin New ciphers Quantum-safe algorithms Money from your card disappears without a trace in a matter of seconds, your documents float away into the public domain, and even your Facebook correspondence suddenly becomes available to anyone. This is what the end of the world will look like in the 21st century - and the main culprit of such fun may be technology, which, as planned, should help us make a huge breakthrough.

Everything we do online today - from shopping, banking transactions to social media interactions - is encrypted, but a quantum computer can break such ciphers instantly. Such a supercomputer can clean up bank accounts almost instantly, completely disable government security systems, and empty bitcoin wallets. The BBC writes about Quantum Apocalypse. Hack protection, secrets, bitcon Every day, a lot of encrypted personal data, including mine and yours, is collected in pirate data centers located around the world without the consent of users. And at some point, those who steal data will have powerful quantum computers capable of deciphering this information. “Quantum computers will make most existing encryption methods useless,” emphasizes Ilyas Khan, chief executive of the American company Quantinuum. The researchers say that, in theory, quantum computers could crack Bitcoin, but probably not in the near future, as they should be about a million times larger than they are today. Breaking the Bitcoin code is related to the time of its transaction, during which the key may be vulnerable. A 10-minute window would require a quantum computer with 1.9 billion qubits. It would take 317 million qubits to hack it in an hour, and 13 million qubits would be needed to hack it in a day. New ciphers Measures to prevent the "quantum apocalypse" have been developed and implemented for several years. Experts around the world are working to mitigate the consequences of this "doomsday", and governments are trying to protect their data in a new way. In the UK, all "top secret" government data is already post-quantum. Works on quantum protection and Germany. At the US National Institute of Science and Technology, post-quantum cryptographers are developing a defense strategy. It must protect industry, government, academia, and critical US national infrastructure from the dangers of a quantum apocalypse. Quantum-safe algorithms Global solutions are being developed by tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Intel and IBM, as well as more specialized companies such as Quantinuum and Post-Quantum. Quantum computing is expensive, time-consuming and generates a lot of heat, but quantum-safe algorithms are one of the main security challenges. All this will not be cheap, but there is no alternative: although quantum computers can solve global problems, they can instantly destroy the lives of people and states.