What IT-specialists will be needed in the near future? What will they need to be able to do, what to understand, what experience is worth gaining right now and what you need to know so as not to be afraid to move from one IT area to another? Information security specialist Data science in medicine Smart device engineer Game designer Game analyst Web developer Data engineer Blockchain developer Big data analyst Project manager (project manager) From game design to information security. Technologies penetrate into all spheres of our life, what professions in IT should you pay attention to right now? Information Security Specialist It is not hard to guess that an information security specialist deals with the protection of digital data of companies and ordinary people. Simply put, its task is to prevent attackers from hacking the site, stealing passwords, money and personal information of users. Moreover, their duties also include training other employees in the basics of information security. For successful work as an information security specialist, in addition to working experience as a programmer, it would be nice to have experience working as a support engineer or data analyst, to understand the basics of information security. Data Science in Medicine Data Science deals with the study of data, its analysis and further transformation of this data into useful knowledge. That is, if earlier the data could be processed manually, now there are so many of them that this requires the help of artificial intelligence. Therefore, Data Science is closely related to machine learning, mathematics, statistics and data analysis. In medicine, data scientists are also needed. For example, programs based on machine learning help doctors prescribe the most appropriate treatment. And to see the full picture of the disease and automatically assess the patient's condition, you can use fitness trackers and bracelets, special mobile applications. The ability to program is the first thing that is required from a specialist in this field. You also need to know higher mathematics (linear algebra, mathematical analysis, statistics) and the principles of operation of machine learning methods. Smart device engineer This specialist creates digital devices using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies adapted to different areas of life. For example, in an apartment, the Internet of Things is heating radiators controlled from a smartphone, a smart speaker with a voice assistant, or a kettle that can be turned on remotely. For an enterprise, a smart device engineer creates sensors that monitor the temperature of all important units in real time. And in medicine, these are fitness bracelets, sensors for monitoring the condition, patient care systems. A good base for starting will be experience in programming in one of the languages, web or mobile development, knowledge of Big Data technologies (technologies for large data arrays), skills in data analytics, knowledge in the field of machine learning. Game Designer A game designer is a specialist who invents games and oversees their development. At the same time, he not only works on the idea itself, but also controls the work of programmers, screenwriters, marketers, artists, animators and other specialists. So game designers must not only play a lot of both old and new games to come up with the concept of the project, but also constantly analyze the market and keep abreast of the latest developments in the game. What special knowledge and skills are needed: it’s good if you have technical knowledge (for example, programming in one of the languages, knowledge of various editors (Unity3D, Unreal, etc.)) and artistic skills, and also roughly understand how to make an attractive product that will bring income. And to play, you need to play as many games as possible in a wide variety of genres and on all possible platforms. For work, in addition to technical knowledge (for example, programming in one of the languages, knowledge of various editors (Unity3D, Unreal, etc.)) you will also need artistic skills, and an understanding of how to make an attractive product that will generate income. And to play, you need to play as many games as possible in a wide variety of genres and on all possible platforms. Game Analyst Game Analyst collects, analyzes and interprets data that helps to understand how interesting the game is for users and whether something needs to be changed in it: tries to understand why users refuse paid features; finds difficult levels, because of which gamers "score" on the game; captures the content with which users interact more often; defines popular characters; marks locations where players spend more time. To work as a game analyst, in addition to programming skills, you will need to have a classical understanding of the principles of probability theory and be able to work with databases. Web developer If it is quite simple, a web developer is engaged in the creation and maintenance of sites. In the process of work, he implements Projects of web designers, creating a functioning site, writes the software component of sites, creates dynamic web pages and web interfaces for working with databases. As a result, we get online stores, portals, social networks, corporate websites, online learning platforms, bookings, forums - everything that we actively use on the Web. To start in this profession, you will need knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, a library and frameworks, an understanding of how the HTTP protocol works and how client and server communication works. Data-engineer This specialty is directly related to data: their delivery, storage and processing. Something like this happens: an engineer finds a source of data, builds a pipeline for their transfer, and creates an infrastructure for processing and transforming information. And then the analyst transforms this data into the required form. Why is all this necessary? Based on the information received, you can make informed business decisions and create competitive products. To enter the profession, it is desirable to understand data structures and understand the operation of databases and the algorithms that underlie them. Blockchain Developer Quite simply, a blockchain is a digital database for storing information in a kind of “blocks”. If you are a trained reader, you can say this: a blockchain is a continuous linked list built according to certain rules. At the same time, copies of such block chains are usually stored on many different computers independently of each other. Initially, this technology was used in cryptocurrencies, but now there are much more areas of application: banks, identity cards, any kind of data reliability monitoring. And a blockchain developer is the same programmer who makes all these products using blockchain technology. To study this specialty without certain knowledge will not work. You need to know at least one language for backend development, be familiar with the Git system, and have an idea about how the network works. And a minimum command shell skill is also desirable. Big Data Analyst A Big Data Analyst extracts valuable insights from large datasets, such as research results, market trends, customer preferences, and more. In the future, the analysis of such information can help in new scientific discoveries, improve the efficiency of the company, improve customer service, and so on. It is not easy in this profession without specialized education. A novice specialist should know mathematics (sections of statistics and probability theory), system analysis, business process analysis techniques, programming basics. All this is needed to make forecasts, work on finding patterns and building mathematical models. Project-manager (Project-manager) A whole team of people works on the creation of any project (for example, a computer game or an application for a phone). And the main person in it is the project manager, who bears all the responsibility for this project. He controls the work of employees, establishes interaction between them and with the client, monitors deadlines, predicts results. A project manager must be able to communicate and persuade, resolve conflict situations and be responsible. In fact, this is a leader who leads others and quickly solves problems that suddenly arise.