Discover a range of cutting-edge IT solutions created by Viritia. Our projects focus on leveraging AI technologies to automate tasks and boost productivity across various industries. - Intelligent Remote Employee Monitoring provides companies with a modern solution for monitoring the activities of remote employees. The system is equipped with advanced analytics and reporting tools, enabling efficient control of productivity and time usage of remote staff.

The advantages of include increased productivity, reduced idle time of employees, and improved interaction and communication within the team. offers its services worldwide, wherever internet access is available and there is a need for effective management of remote employees. - Media Selection and Blogger Platform allows companies to select the perfect media and bloggers for effective product and service promotion. The system allows users to select optimal communication channels and carefully choose influential bloggers to maximize resonance and reach their target audience. covers media and bloggers from around the world, providing opportunities for international product and service promotion. - R&D Outsourcing Platform provides a unique opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to find suitable partners for developing innovative products and services. The system helps identify companies with expertise in the required R&D areas, reducing the time and costs of searching and selecting partners. covers companies engaged in custom-made R&D across different countries, facilitating international collaboration and innovation. - Global Intelligent Rental System offers a user-friendly solution for renting commercial and residential premises anywhere in the world. Users can choose from a variety of offerings, compare conditions, and find the best rental options based on their needs and budget. provides access to a wide range of rental properties, including offices, shops, apartments, and more, making it a useful tool for both businesses and individuals. - Video Recruitment System with Motivation and Reliability Analysis provides an innovative solution for hiring employees through video interviews, reducing the need for in-person meetings and saving time. The system uses advanced algorithms to analyze candidates' facial expressions and speech, allowing for the determination of their motivation and reliability of answers. is applied in various business sectors, ensuring an efficient and fair employee selection process. - Online Platform for Contract Manufacturer Selection helps companies and entrepreneurs find reliable contract manufacturers for their products. The platform provides access to a database of verified manufacturers of various goods and components, simplifying the search and selection of partners. covers manufacturers from around the world, offering opportunities for international business and streamlined production processes. - Smart System for Selecting and Ordering Repair Services Worldwide offers a convenient solution for finding and ordering repair services for various items, from household appliances to industrial equipment. The system allows users to select service providers based on their ratings, reviews, and experience, ensuring quality service. covers repair specialists and companies from around the world, making it a versatile tool for all types of objects and clients. - Online Training Platform by Experts provides an opportunity to receive expert training from outstanding specialists in various fields of knowledge. The platform offers access to webinars, online courses, and masterclasses, allowing users to gain knowledge firsthand. covers diverse knowledge domains, making it appealing and beneficial to all individuals looking to enhance their skills and expertise. - Platform to Find Service Providers Worldwide offers a convenient solution for finding service providers for various tasks, from repair and cleaning to programming and design. Users can select performers based on their ratings, portfolios, and pricing policies, ensuring high-quality task execution. covers service providers of different types from all around the world, making it a universal platform for various tasks and clients. - Buy and Sell Online Effortlessly provides a user-friendly platform for buying and selling a wide range of products and services online. Users can easily post information about items for sale and quickly find the products and services they need. covers various product and service categories, making it a versatile trading platform for a broad audience. - Intelligent System for Global Stock Trading offers the opportunity for automated trading on global stock markets. The system is equipped with algorithms and forecasts that allow for well-informed trading decisions and risk management. provides access to trading on various stock markets, making it attractive to both experienced and novice traders. - Lie Detection through Video and Audio Channels employs advanced technologies for lie detection through video and audio channels. The system utilizes machine learning algorithms and data analysis to identify false information. is applicable in various fields, including law enforcement, business, and education, making it a powerful tool for verifying the accuracy of information.