According to the 90-9-1 rule, which works in the matter of content consumption, 90% of posts are for 1% of users. And 1% of users create content for 90% of consumers. Therefore, it is important for all bloggers to find a piece of content that will interest a loyal audience segment. Visual and text - a complete solution Talk about life Guides and free benefits

Visual and text - a complex solution You can attract attention with atypical design. For example, put a geolocation tag on a plain background and write the subject of the post instead of the address. This option is relevant and will attract attention. If you want to find inspiration, then look at ready-made posts for instagram on the service.
So remember that the visual part and the semantic part must go in a strong bond with each other. Then you have more chances to find your loyal reader. Talk about life It is desirable to dilute expert and useful content with something from your life. The topic “I am the same as you” becomes an actual vector. That is, the blogger needs to be shown that there have been fails with him, there was burnout and unpleasant situations. This allows you to: create trusting contacts with the audience; show that the blogger is also a living person, and not a planned mechanism for posting content; grab the attention of non-target audiences. That is, you can sometimes talk about the psychology of relationships, show your way of life, even if this does not directly relate to the topic of the blog. Through such situations, you can also advertise your product, product or content, showing its practicality. Guides and free benefit Another option is to talk about what is useful, for free. So the blogger can confirm his expertise in certain issues. This method also attracts the audience and logically leads it to the further purchase of the product. For example, this is how guides and checklists are launched on the topic of educational courses. So a makeup artist can give information for free on skin care. And the journalist - to suggest methods for recognizing and verifying fakes. One has only to highlight the important part that can be given to users.