For companies, a corporate venture fund is an opportunity to form their own ecosystem, receive financial profit and new technologies. When choosing a startup, a corporate fund is guided by how the product developed by the startup meets the needs of the market and what benefits the corporation can get from it. For start-ups, a corporation fund is an excellent option for entering the market, a potential exit and access to the company's clients.

We have a corporate fund, there are people who manage it, and experts inside the bank who bring interesting projects. The ideal deal looks like this: the fund invests in the company, the bank implements the technology of the startup and helps it grow. The output is 3xWIN - an increase in the value of the company due to implementation. As a result, the bank received a new technology, and the startup is ready to scale further. But the work of a corporate fund does not end with investing in startups. Even if the company has enough resources to buy out all the projects on the continent, this will not bring any effect if the fund does not have a strategy and an effective management system. As a rule, corporate venture funds try on one strategy known to them - the purchase of ready-made companies, but there are extremely few such startups on the market. It is important for our fund that new corporate funds being created do not become "vacuum cleaners" in the recovering venture capital market. It is better to delay the launch, work out an investment strategy, decide on the value that the fund can give to a startup - be it industry expertise, a production site for launching pilots, or a hypothesis testing brunch. And only after that enter the market.