A corporate venture fund is a fund of a corporation whose investments are made only in the interests of a company that is the only limited partner. And although funds do not exclude profit from their goals, profitability for a corporation is only one of the indicators of efficiency.

Today, corporate funds are one of the methods used by large corporations to fight for a place in the sun. After the success of venture funds, many companies realized how important it is to invest in small innovative startups, but it was rarely possible to successfully build a model for working with them.

In American practice, the concept of a corporate venture fund does not exist, corporate investments in startups are called corporate venture capital and this name is defined as the practice when a corporation buys a stake in a startup in exchange for a competitive advantage for itself.

In the USA there is no concept of "corporate venture capital", they call it "corporate venture capital". Unfortunately, many people think that a corporate venture fund is a structure that invests in startups and helps them with its resources. But if you look at US practice, corporate funds have a huge number of strategies and making money for them is far from the main goal. However, globalization is forcing large companies to revisit the use of corporate funds, because it becomes increasingly difficult to remain competitive and increase profits with the help of new technologies. There is not a single large company in the United States that does not have its own corporate fund. This is a global trend.