- an intelligent system for monitoring remote employees - an intelligent system for monitoring remote employees

    the novelty of the project lies in the development of a complex of expert systems (from 3 to 6), formed on the basis of the experience of narcologists, psychiatrists and psychologists, as well as physiologists, who will be able to assess the psychological and physiological (physical) condition of the employee for signs of fatigue, drowsiness, drug or alcohol intoxication, other non-standard behavior using mobile phones gadgets or a desktop computer.
    The complex will be able to conduct quick tests with respondents (no more than 5 minutes), using neural networks to record signs of an altered human condition, followed by the formation of an expert opinion by expert systems. The system is installed as an application on a smartphone (there is a version for a personal computer that works through a web interface). The program will determine the employee's condition using tests (based on the developed database of questions and exercises in the amount of more than 1000 pieces), using the principle of "consensus" when forming a conclusion about the respondent's condition. 
    The neural network is used to fix signs that manifest themselves at the level of physiology (pupils of the eyes, speed of speech and coordination of movements) and at the level of thought processes (speed of responses and simple counting) to fix deviations in the behavior of the respondent. Expert systems should come to a consensus about the human condition, i.e. the principle of a medical consultation is applied, where various specialists form a common diagnosis for the patient.  If there are discrepancies in the conclusions of expert systems, the program will conduct additional tests to confirm the general conclusion or to change it. Thus, a mechanism is being formed that ensures a high proportion of compliance of expert opinions with the real picture. The program is not a full–fledged replacement for a doctor, it is a product for decision support and can be used as a companion guide in the implementation of telemedicine services.

    In commercial organizations, it is necessary to monitor the efficiency of employees' use of working time. To do this, many offices use digital passes to enter the premises, face recognition video cameras are installed, etc. The applicant believes that there is a growing interest in remote control systems for employees in the world due to the pandemic and the transfer of workers to remote work. The installation of special software does not contradict labor legislation, since the courts proceed from the fact that the Labor Code of the Russian Federation gives employers the right to control the performance of their duties by employees and the correct use of working time, for which various technical controls and special software for monitoring personnel activities can be used in companies. The courts also point out that employees do not have the right to use a work PC for purposes beyond their work responsibilities. Therefore, there is an increase in the number of developers of employee position monitoring systems through geo-positioning systems in the absence of mobile monitoring systems for remote workers. Changing the employment format and transferring employees to remote work creates, in addition to benefits and advantages, also a number of problems for management in managing employees. One of such problems is the impossibility of remote monitoring of the employee's condition, especially in cases that may pose a threat to the safety of life and health of other people, when job descriptions, rules and regulations must be perfectly observed. At the same time, control should be carried out to ensure the employee's involvement in production processes, to ensure the quality and speed of the task performed by the employee, to comply with job descriptions and safety measures, to prevent the occurrence of emergency or dangerous situations. 
    If earlier the manager could control the employee's condition with personal contact, now this opportunity is absent, and even if the manager contacts each employee in person, it will take a lot of time to talk and understand the condition of each of them. At the same time, the manager needs to monitor not only the general condition of the employee working remotely, but also his ability to make decisions and be in normal physical and mental shape. 
    Studies conducted by psychologists in 2020 show that the change in the employment format revealed new psychological problems among workers working remotely. Such problems include burnout at work, a shift in the daily routine, difficulty focusing on work, the level of depressive states, the use of alcohol and psychoactive drugs during working hours, performing work in a state of hangover and other deviant behaviors.
    So, in December 2020, the analytical company Ipsos prepared a study for the World Economic Forum on the impact of the pandemic on the lives of employees of companies in different countries of the world. The survey showed that 14% of Russian respondents faced severe stress last year and another 37% faced significant stress. (Source No. 9 of paragraph b of section 7 of this questionnaire).
    Professional medical training is required to identify those who deviate from the norms of behavior, which is not available to most managers on a permanent basis. 
    The project team is finalizing the system "System for testing the psychological and physiological state of an employee" (hereinafter referred to as the system, software, software, project, platform), based on technologies for analyzing video and audio data and expert systems that form conclusions based on the collected data using neural networks.

    The system uses the following approaches to determine six factors related to diagnostic procedures: accuracy,
    probabilistic distribution of false positive results, probabilistic distribution of false negative results, positive predictive value,
    negative predictive value.
    The system can simultaneously test thousands of employees, drawing the attention of managers to employees who have behavioral deviations. The system being finalized can also be used for professions that carry out their work remotely (remotely). The system can also detect abnormal behavior of visitors to institutions, including those who are aggressive.

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